Chris Brogan’s Advice to Me

As far as all of my blogs have gone, GeekLad really has started with a bang. I never really had this kind of blogular momentum (I think I just made that up).  My other two blogs ( and WealthBoy) have been plagued with inactivity.  Although in WealthBoy’s defense, it has fallen back mostly due to my efforts on GeekLad.  I really have no excuse for having neglected other than my own laziness and lack of direction with that blog.

Google SearchWiki

The Official Google Blog has made the announcement of a new Google product called SearchWiki. SearchWiki will allow users logged into their Google account to change the order of search results, remove search results, add search results, and add comments to search results. The modifications made will only appear in your own searches by default, but you can also view notes made by other SearchWiki users.


Gmail Themes Go Live

The Official Gmail Blog announced the release of themes for Gmail yesterday. It seemed they were not immediately available after they made the announcement, as it took several hours before I saw it appear in my settings. Perhaps because they did not want other blogs to steal their thunder.

I found it a little odd when the theme settings did not appear on my laptop computer after using Gmail from Chrome on my desktop PC where they did appear. However, this morning when I used Gmail on my laptop, the themes settings did appear. Google has been known to roll out new features with a phased approach in the past. It would seem that they do it at a browser level, rather than a user level, since I was able to see the changes on one computer but not on another.

Google Mobile App on iPhone Adds Voice Recognition

Google announced yesterday that they’ve added voice recognition for the Google Mobile App on the iPhone.  It’s certainly another logical step in Google’s strategy for bringing analog and digital information together.  Google is helping to pave the two way street where we speak to computers and they speak back to us.  I look forward to seeing more Google products that provide voice recognition, text-to-speech, and image recognition.