What Credit Cards can Teach Us About Making Money Online

The following is a guest post from DR.  DR is the blogger behind The Dough Blogger, and internet marketing blog, and The Dough Roller, a blog about making and managing money online.

credit-cards A few weeks ago I wrote about Bankaholic, a one-man WordPress blog that last year was bought by Bankrate for nearly $15 million. In the article I analyzed why the blog might actually be worth the eye-popping sum that Bankrate paid. I won’t rehash all that here, but do want to focus on one very important aspect that led to Bankaholic’s success–backlinks.


Make Money Online: Quality of Service


In addition to the size of your market and existing competition, the quality of service you provide is a very important factor in making money online.  High quality will provide credibility for your content or service, and result in repeat visits and referrals. If your site is low quality, you may have a difficult time in earning the trust of those that visit your site.