GeekLad is yet another one of my attempts at finding my true blogger identity on the web.  Although I have been blogging before the term blog even existed (jsierra.net is my personal blog), I still consider myself somewhat of an amateur blogger.  My personal domain had taken on a few different forms, always intended to inform others of what was going on in my life.   Unfortunately, I never kept it as up-to-date as I would like and jsierra.net has relatively stagnant in the eight years of its existance.

More recently, I created a personal finance blog on a different domain and decided to go with the name WealthBoy.  I thought it would be nice to sort of take on a new identity and try building something from the ground up.  I have been considerably more active as WealthBoy, yet it still has not gotten the attention it deserves.  Although much of my personality and thought goes into WealthBoy, I still feel it does not get to the core of who I am, what I know, and what I enjoy doing.

Once again I was faced with trying to find the proper manner for expressing myself on the Web.  I came to the conclusion that I am a geek at heart and that my blog should reflect my passion for technology.  Then I was faced with the same dilemma I had when I decided to create WealthBoy: do I use my existing domain name and blog, or do I develop yet another identity.  Since jsierra.net has become little more than a permanent email address for me, I decided I’d go ahead and start fresh again and build a whole new website, domain name, and identity yet again.

I liked the simplicity of WealthBoy not to mention the fact that the domain name was available.  I thought it would be nice if I could find a similar domain name for my geek blog.  After a few whois look ups and a little bit of thinking, I purchased GeekLad.com and began to assume my new identity.

So What’s GeekLad All About?

I’ve always been somewhat hesitant to create a geek blog, because I feel that the Web is already inundated with them.  There are already a lot of great online news services and geek blogs out there that provide good information on geeky stuff, and I felt it would be difficult for me to differentiate myself from them.  It would be even more difficult to do it better than has already been done.  My biggest challenge with WealthBoy has been developing original material, and I knew that writing new and original material on technology would be that much more difficult because there are already so many others doing it.  So once again, how do I differentiate myself from everyone else?

I subscribe to RSS feeds on many geek blogs and I open up Google Reader on a regular basis to read my geek news.  Recently Google Reader added a feature to share articles along with comments.  I came to realize that much of my commentary on my shared articles could prove to be useful to others.  Although the articles I share and core information is not original, my thoughts and ideas on what is going on with technology are.  I then decided that rather than share my comments via Google Reader, I would put together a blog to assemble and present my thoughts and views on events taking place within the wonderful world of technology.

What I like best about this idea is that (in theory) it should be much easier for me to maintain than WealthBoy or jsierra.net.  Normally it does not take me long to share an article in Google Reader along with some clever comments, so I hope it will be something I can do on a regular basis.  When I created WealthBoy, I set out to write two articles a week.  This may sound like an easy task but I have found it to be quite difficult.  I takes me a very long time to develop original material and it does not come easy for me.

However, I do find it much easier to share my thoughts on what has already been written.  So my goal with GeekLad will be to do just that.  Do not expect to find new and breaking news here, as there are many others already out there providing that sort of service (most of them full-time) and they do it exceedingly well.  What you can expect to find on GeekLad are the events and articles that I deem interesting, along with my thoughts on what has transpired and has been discussed.  I hope you enjoy learning what I have to say and thank you for visiting!

  • Ina Riveras

    You sound so interesting. I am so jealous 🙂 of tech smart people