About GeekLad

Geeklad is a technology enthusiast and programming hobbyist. Occasionally he will put together useful little bits of code (be it JavaScript or PHP) and share them with the world. He also enjoys creating and sharing howtos, describing how to do the things people want to do with their computers.

Modifying the JavaScript String Prototype

When manipulating strings in JavaScript, it is often necessary to perform certain functions to escape characters, decode them, and perform other string manipulations. JavaScript makes it easy to modify the String prototype, making it possible to create new methods on String types. As of late, I’ve preferred this method (pun intended) over creating custom functions.


Updated Script to Download Google History

A little over a week ago, I completed the first version of a script (in the form of a JavaScript bookmarklet) that allows you to download your Google Web History. Shortly afterwards, I posted some comments on a few other pages with similar scripts. Someone saw one of my comments and posted a comment on my article (posted as metal123, this person normally goes by the handle “Naka”).