About GeekLad

Geeklad is a technology enthusiast and programming hobbyist. Occasionally he will put together useful little bits of code (be it JavaScript or PHP) and share them with the world. He also enjoys creating and sharing howtos, describing how to do the things people want to do with their computers.

Update to Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script

I recently made a minor update to my Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey script for displaying nofollow information.  The script allows you to learn which incoming links to your website are nofollow links when viewing the detail for a site within Google Webmaster Tools.  I have added functionality that will also display the PageRank for the incoming links.

Return from Hiatus

Life has been very crazy lately, and I’ve been falling behind on my blogging.  A few weeks ago I started a new job (within ADT) as a six sigma black belt.  The very weekend that I was preparing to drive from Jacksonville to Boca Raton for my first week of training, our youngest daughter had a seizure.  Although it only lasted a couple of minutes, it seemed to last forever.  We called 911 and by the time the paramedics arrived, she had already stopped seizing.

View External Nofollow Links in Google Webmaster Tools

A few days ago I posted a feature request for Google Webmaster Tools to provide some nofollow information on external links. More or less right after I posted the request, I started putting together my own Greasemonkey script to provide the functionality I was seeking. When I was nearly complete with my Greasemonkey script, I revisited my post in Google Groups and saw that someone mentioned a Firefox addon that provides PageRank and nofollow status for external links in Google Webmaster Tools. The Firefox addon does exactly what I was looking for plus it also provides PageRank information.

Increasing Your PageRank

A few weeks ago I was pleasantly surprised to learn that my blog had reached a PageRank of 0 in less than 30 days since having created it. I blogged about some of the things I believed that helped contribute to my rapid rise of a PageRank of 3. I’d like to share a few more strategies that I believe also helped to increase my PageRank.