New Google Video Feature

Google Video has added a new feature that allows you to restrict results to only those that are playable in TV viewTV view allows you to navigate through search results while playing a video at the same time.  As of late, Google Video search has done a really nice job of integrating better with other video streaming websites.  Initially the majority of search results would come from either Google Video directly or YouTube, but searches I’ve performed more recently have provided results from other video sites as well.

Happy Birthday Google!

Wow, can you believe Google is 10 years old today?  Google has grown into much more than just a search engine over the past ten years.  Through acquisitions and their own development, they’ve also brought us photos, a blogging platform, free email, discussion groups, a social network, an online rss feed reader, a geographical mapping website and application, a web browser, an online calendar, online documents (spreadsheets, and presentations), and so much more!  It’s hard to imagine a web without Google.  Granted Yahoo! and Microsoft Search have improved over the years as well, but if it hadn’t been for Google they wouldn’t have been forced to do so.

New Social Network for Gamers

Bwana put together a nice video about Raptr, the new social network for gamers. As Bwana will tell you, Raptr is similar to other clients that will track what you’re currently playing on different gaming platforms.  Raptr supports XBox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, and Mac.  Any of your friends that have the client installed will see what you’re playing.  In addition to having a client, it will also tie into other social networks such as Twitter, FriendFeed, and Facebook. It also outputs an RSS feed for integrating with blogs and news readers.  I signed up and started checking it out, and so far I like what I see.  If you join and you want to be my friend, my nickname is GeekLad.

Busy Day for Google

Yesterday was a very busy day for Google, with the announcement of two new products and a new version of an existing product:

Google Chrome

Perhaps the biggest announcement yesterday was that the famed “gbrowser” does in fact exist.  There had been much speculation for a long time that Google was developing its own browser, and yesterday they presented Google Chrome.  I downloaded it and used it a bit and I am very impressed.  It is lightning fast and you can really tell how fast it is when you visit JavaScript intensive sites such as Gmail, Google Reader, and Google Docs.  Unfortunately, it does seem to be lacking full support for proxies.  I couldn’t install it at work due to the firewall/proxy and had to install it at home.  When I tried running it from work today, it didn’t like the proxy settings.  I’m certain it shouldn’t take too long before such issues are resolved.

Google Video for Businesses

Google Video for Businesses is a new addition to Google Apps Premier Edition that allows organizations to share videos for training and informational purposes.  I believe that this sort of service would probably work better for large organizations than it would small ones.

Picasa 3 Beta

A new version of Picasa is out with some nice new features.  Picasa Web has also gotten a face lift with a few new features as well.  I wish that Google would come out with Picasa for Mac.  iPhoto is nice and all, but does lack some things that are handled better by Picasa.