Google Mobile App on iPhone Adds Voice Recognition

Google announced yesterday that they’ve added voice recognition for the Google Mobile App on the iPhone.  It’s certainly another logical step in Google’s strategy for bringing analog and digital information together.  Google is helping to pave the two way street where we speak to computers and they speak back to us.  I look forward to seeing more Google products that provide voice recognition, text-to-speech, and image recognition.

To Sound or not to Sound

Today I saw a headline and photo about Toyota’s active noise control system.

Immediately what came to mind was a TechDirt article I read about Lotus adding engine noise to make hybrids sound like cars. It’s funny that the article reminded me of the Lotus, because the article also made reference to an electric car maker putting sound back in. I think that adding artificial sound to make an electric car sound like a combustion engine is rather silly.  Afterall, slience is golden.