Disqus vs. Intense Debate

I recently made the move to install Disqus here on GeekLad. I had been running it on WealthBoy for a while and decided to go ahead and install it here as well. I did also take a look at IntenseDebate, but in the end Disqus won out.

First, let’s take a look at the major common features between them:

  • Comment Threading – By default, WordPress comments do not allow threading, and all comments appear in a single thread. With Disqus and IntenseDebate, a thread is created when responses are posted to other comments.
  • Reply by Email – When responses are made to other comments, they are sent via email. A reply to the email sent will post right into the comment thread. There is no need to revisit the post to reply.
  • Comment Synchronization – Comments are synchronized between WordPress’ built-in system and Disqus/IntenseDebate
  • Comment Voting/Ranking
  • Importing Existing Comments
  • Commenter Profiles
  • Moderation
  • RSS Feeds
  • Gravatar Support

All of these features make sense and are relatively comparable between the two. Here are the IntenseDebate features that are lacking in Disqus:

  • Twitter and FriendFeed integration
  • Visual Appeal – I think that IntenseDebate comment threads have a better overall look and feel to them.

Not a particularly long list. Now for the features in Disqus that are lacking in IntenseDebate:

  • API
  • Full Comment History in Profiles
  • Community Page – The community page mirrors post/comment activity on the blog, but also allows Disqus members to start new discussions.

Not a particularly long list either. I think they are both great products. If you like the Twitter and FriendFeed integration that IntenseDebate offers, that feature may be what sways you toward IntenseDebate. However, if you’re concerned about search engine optiimzation, then Disqus is probably the better choice.

The community page for your blog will contain backlinks to your posts. That can help to boost your status with the search engines. The profile pages of the folks that comment on your blog will have backlinks to the posts as well. The more folks you have commenting on your blog, the more backlinks you will receive from profile pages.

IntenseDebate was recently acquired by Automattic (creators of WordPress.com), so they will most definitely be working on tightening up the integration with WordPress. I believe that they recently updated the WordPress plugin to have WordPress display the comments, rather than displaying them via JavaScript. That’s definitely a good step towards making it more search engine friendly. I’d like to also see them make changes to the profile pages, to allow people (and search engines) to see all of the comments that IntenseDebate users have posted.

About GeekLad

Geeklad is a technology enthusiast and programming hobbyist. Occasionally he will put together useful little bits of code (be it JavaScript or PHP) and share them with the world. He also enjoys creating and sharing howtos, describing how to do the things people want to do with their computers.
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  • I've been using CoComment for my blog, but Disqus really rocks.

  • Good comparison. Help us to think.

  • Disqus helps you find out what other blogs your commenters are reading and commenting on. Great as a discovery engine. Important and should have made the original list.

  • I like disqus alot because it hass few boudaries, i hate sites with alot of rules and less freedom. Disqus rocks!!!!

  • I really like IntenseDebate, but disqus is still slightly better imo.

  • Yes it is going to take off with video, cheers Disqus it has made my life easier..

  • Yes you are right it is, what seemed to be a cumbersome process has become simple and easy.. cheers DISQUS

  • interesting post.. never use Disqus before, maybe I should give it a try..

  • Does it mean, when I get an email from disqus for a comment I can reply to the email which would actually be commenting on the post? If this is true then I should say it is great..

  • Yes, that is how I just responded to your comment. Responding by email is a
    great feature, because it saves a lot of time. Most likely you've received
    the notification of the comment by email, so why waste time visiting the
    site to respond? You can also moderate via email as well (mark items as
    spam and disapprove comments).

  • It is said that the comments are synchronized but somehow I am facing problems on my site..

  • bem69

    Hi GeekLad,

    I have one question, if you don't mind answering.

    Any idea how to enable dofollow with Disqus in Blogger?

    Just trying my luck 🙂

  • Check out this nice tutorial on integrating Disqus with

  • Check out this nice tutorial on integrating Disqus with

  • brunsky

    i think it's a great plugin,but i want to see how it's going to bee with spam comments,cause i'm really sick of those mf.

  • gabrielpdansby

    Not a particularly long list either. I think they are both great products. If you like the Twitter and FriendFeed integration that IntenseDebate offers, that feature may be what sways you toward mocospace.com IntenseDebate. However, if you’re concerned about search engine optiimzation

  • what is coComment? is it like disqus too?

  • personally.. i prefer for disqus.. simple as is it.. easily managed and well writen also..

  • dan

    thx for the share i been looking for something like this for my blog

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  • That's what is nice in disqus…You can edit your comments many times.

  • palta

    Disqus is a great commenting system. I've never had any issues with it.


  • I agree that. This is the intense products today. The most users and net users used this tool.

  • i like disqus.. it rocks.. easy modifications… there should be an option to delete the comment too… but sometimes we dunno whtr the comment has been approved or not… anyways thanks for your nice post..

  • I agree. I'm all about disquss

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  • disqus wone here, but i use intense debate on my site because the css was fairly easy to customize and i really don't care too much about a web-wide profile.

  • Disqus has experienced some downtime this year. Bloggers using a local install of WordPress and running the API plugin don’t have much to fear: comments revert to native WordPress comments when Disqus is down.

  • Great post, really help me alot. Thanks.


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  • Another great thing about disqus is that it seems people comment more! I used Disqus for a long time and switched back to wordpress only to find that I would loose a lot of conversation! I am needless to say switching back now!

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  • From my experience, Intense Debate took forever to load!

  • What's cool about Disqus is that it makes it painlessly easy to comment, and it is more user friendly

  • ravm

    Check out CoComment here: http://www.cocomment.com/. Disqus helps improve search engine rankings because it no longer uses javascript to render comments and it builds backlinks through user profiles. Intense debate has a really smooth integration with WordPress, and is very easy to uninstall while keeping your comments. So it's worth trying and you can always turn it off.

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  • It is such a shame and sad that I could integrate neither Disqus nor ID on my blog. I really like Disqus.

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