Google AdSense Coming to Analytics

Back in August, Digital Inspiration reported on AdSense click tracking data coming to Google Analytics.  This is great for webmasters with high traffic web sites that make a significant portion of their revenue by displaying AdSense advertisements.  Analytics will provide pertinent information such as the number of times AdSense ads were clicked, the revenue per page, the CTR and CPM for individual referrers, and top AdSense referrers.

Last week, they provided some additional screenshots of the AdSense integration with Analytics.  This is something I had been wanting from Analytics ever since I first started using AdSense.  Even if you create a lot of channels for your ad displays, AdSense still doesn’t provide you with the kind of detailed information you can get from Analytics.  I still haven’t seen the new features appear in my analytics data, but I’m certainly awaiting them with great anticipation.

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