Google Reader Search Button for the Google Toolbar

Why the Google Toolbar does not include a search button for Google Reader by default is beyond me! I searched for a Google Reader button in the button gallery, and much to my dismay the only one I found does not perform a search. I then took it upon myself to create my own search button for Google Reader. If you search your reader items as much as I do, you’re going to love it!

Install the Google Reader search button

How To: Find People Online The Social Media Way

The following is a guest post by Ann Smarty. She is an SEO consultant blogging on search engine optimization, search engine news and social media. She is also interested in all kinds of (free) Internet tools and apps and loves to discover new unique ideas.

With the wealth of social networking sites where people can register, specify their interests and find friends that share common hobbies, it is sad to admit that people search is still quite messy. Popular networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn) offer surprisingly limited search abilities: you can only search by name or by location or by company or school.

What if you need to find an expert in your area? In this case you will have to (at least) specify the key term (e.g. area of expertise) and city. Let’s see what tools can be used use to get connected with people based on different types of search options.

Chris Brogan’s Advice to Me

As far as all of my blogs have gone, GeekLad really has started with a bang. I never really had this kind of blogular momentum (I think I just made that up).  My other two blogs ( and WealthBoy) have been plagued with inactivity.  Although in WealthBoy’s defense, it has fallen back mostly due to my efforts on GeekLad.  I really have no excuse for having neglected other than my own laziness and lack of direction with that blog.