ForerverSMS is a service that allows you to send text messages for free.  The back-end is PHP and MySQL and the front-end has some basic JavaScript.  ForeverSMS was born because I wanted to develop a new iGoogle Gadget that would allow people to send text messages directly from their iGoogle homepage.  I searched around for some text messaging websites that had an API, but did not have much luck.  I then decided I would attempt at writing my own.

Install the Gadget

Initially, I wanted to try using the Google App Engine for ForeverSMS, but quickly found that it didn’t suit my needs.  For one thing, you need to know Python.  I did fool around with it and learned a bit of Python in my effort to utilize the Google App Engine, but Python is a very odd language.  For me the strangest thing about Python is the manner in which code blocks are denoted with indentation rather than groups of visible characters (such as braces {}).

Another problem with using Google App Engine was that it was atrociously slow for loading data.  There is no way that any enterprise application will be able to use Google App Engine until they resolve the poor performance of loading data (perhaps they have resolved it by now, I haven’t checked up on Google App Engine for some time).  Finally, the last issue I had with Google App Engine was that it did not give me the ability to send email on behalf of a user.  Google App Engine will only send emails that come from  designated users, and this was not sufficient for my needs.  I may try using Google App Engine in the future for other projects, we shall see.
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