This is my oldest domain and perhaps the most neglected.  I obtained jsierra.net for free way back in the year 2000.  There was a company running a promotion giving away free domains, and I managed to get my hands on jsierra.net.  Of course there was a catch!  They allowed you to park it for free but they wanted you to host it with them (and pay for hosting).  Being the geek that I am, I scoured the ‘Net to learn how to host a domain myself.  I hosted jsierra.net myself for a number of years, and eventually I moved over to Blogger.

If jsierra.net has any “claim to fame” it would be the Blogger comment notification hack I wrote back in 2004.  The hack was even posted on Blogger’s hack page, but the other hacks page no longer exists and thus jsierra.net’s claim to fame has long since vanished.  I haven’t been very active with using Blogger, because when I created WealthBoy I decided to go with WordPress and host it with HostGator.  All-in-all I think WordPress is a much better blogging platform, as it gives you the ability to write static pages as well as blog posts.  With plugins, there is very little that WordPress can’t do.

Unfortunately, I feel as though there is little I can do to salvage jsierra.net.  Realistically speaking, I feel as though GeekLad will be taking up the majority of my time.  However, I will probably still keep jsierra.net indefinitely just because I’ve been using it as an email address for so long and perhaps some day I will decide to revive it.