10 Amusing Tweets about Google Wave Invitations

google-wave-logoThe web is abuzz about the 100,000 Google Wave invitations going out today. Be sure that the social networks are no exception. There are thousands of people on Twitter begging for Google Wave invitations, some of which are quite amusing. I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorites Tweets.  Some are requests to perform amusing acts to obtain an invite.  Others are just witty commentary.  Enjoy!


DoFollow Blog Search

Dofollow vs. Nofollow

The majority of blogs implore the nofollow tag in their comments. That means that when you specify your website URL when leaving a comment, the link created does not help to elevate your website’s status in the algorithms search engines use. Although not really an “official” term, people often use dofollow to describe blogs that do not use the nofollow tag. In other words, comments left on these blogs do help to elevate your website’s status in search engines.


Make Free Phone Calls Anywhere in the USA with Google Voice, Gizmo, and Asterisk

Google-Voice-LogoUpdate: The instructions here are no longer valid, because Google has since closed off inbound SIP calls into Google Voice. However, I have posted a new solution for making free phone calls with Google Voice, Gizmo, and Asterisk.

I recently switched my GrandCentral account over to Google Voice. I fooled around with Google Voice quite a bit and was quite impressed by the many features. It took quite a bit of work, but I finally figured out how to set up Asterisk along with Gizmo to use Google Voice to make free telephone calls to anywhere in the USA.