Google SearchWiki

The Official Google Blog has made the announcement of a new Google product called SearchWiki. SearchWiki will allow users logged into their Google account to change the order of search results, remove search results, add search results, and add comments to search results. The modifications made will only appear in your own searches by default, but you can also view notes made by other SearchWiki users.


Google Mobile App on iPhone Adds Voice Recognition

Google announced yesterday that they’ve added voice recognition for the Google Mobile App on the iPhone.  It’s certainly another logical step in Google’s strategy for bringing analog and digital information together.  Google is helping to pave the two way street where we speak to computers and they speak back to us.  I look forward to seeing more Google products that provide voice recognition, text-to-speech, and image recognition.

Fast and Simple SEO to Increase from PageRank 0

I was very surprised when I learned that I had quickly increased to a PageRank of 3 within less than 30 days of having created this blog.  A few weeks later, I reflected upon some of the things that may have contributed to improving my PageRank. More recently, I came across some additional information that may actually provide the real reason I rose so quickly.

Update to Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script

I recently made a minor update to my Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey script for displaying nofollow information.  The script allows you to learn which incoming links to your website are nofollow links when viewing the detail for a site within Google Webmaster Tools.  I have added functionality that will also display the PageRank for the incoming links.

View External Nofollow Links in Google Webmaster Tools

A few days ago I posted a feature request for Google Webmaster Tools to provide some nofollow information on external links. More or less right after I posted the request, I started putting together my own Greasemonkey script to provide the functionality I was seeking. When I was nearly complete with my Greasemonkey script, I revisited my post in Google Groups and saw that someone mentioned a Firefox addon that provides PageRank and nofollow status for external links in Google Webmaster Tools. The Firefox addon does exactly what I was looking for plus it also provides PageRank information.