T-Mobile to Bring first Android Phone to Market

It’s now official. T-Mobile will be the first U.S. mobile phone carrier to bring an Android based mobile phone to market.  Google first announced the Open Handset Alliance almost a year ago, and many Google fans have been waiting with anticipation for the first mobile phone to be available for purchase.  Hopefully other carriers will soon follow suit (namely Sprint, my carrier).  It is certainly exciting to see an open source platform hit the mobile phone scene.  As much as I love to geek around with operating systems, it would be awesome to be able to have more control over the functionality of my cell phone.  One of these days I’ll have to do download the Android SDK and see what sort of apps/utilities I can throw together.

Useful Applications on the Go

If you’re a geek like me and you carry around a USB drive on your keychain, you might be looking for some useful utilities to keep on your drive.  First and foremost you need to protect your portable drive with encryption.  Information can fall into the wrong hands if the drive is lost or stolen.  Your data can even be stolen if you hand your keys over when you get your car serviced or parked by a valet, so it is absolutely essential you keep data on your portable drive protected.

Encryption: Never Leave Home Without It

As portable drives have gotten physically smaller and larger in storage capacity, they’ve become an indespensible gadget for many.  If you use yours to store vital and sensitive information, you need to secure that information with encryption.  I should not need to tell you about the long list of problems that would arise, were you to ever misplace the drive or have it stolen.