Keep Track of New Television Show Episodes with RerunCheck

reruncheck-logoRerunCheck is a new website that lets you know whenever there are new episodes of television programs airing on tv. Although it was not actually my brain child per se, I did implement it myself. My good friend James at UltraViolet Development Studios did the web design for me, as I’m somewhat inept when it comes web design.

With Reruncheck, you can find out a few different ways whether or not your favorite TV show is airing a new episode.  First of all, you can visit the website and search for your shows.  You’ll be taken to a page that will let you know with a big green Yes if there is a new episode airing within the next 7 days.


If you are interested in receiving continuous notifications for new episodes, you can either subscribe to the feed for the show (in the upper right corner), or you can subscribe to receive notifications via email.  If you decide to subscribe via email, please be sure to read the RerunCheck privacy policy.  If you see anything in there you don’t like, then I suggest you use the RSS feed rather than email.

If you love to watch just about any show on TV, you can also subscribe to the main RerunCheck feed.  It is updated every day with all the television shows that are airing new episodes.  You can also see what programs are showing new episodes today by visiting the main RerunCheck page.  There is also a page that will let you know the television programs that are airing new episodes this week.

You can also create a new RerunCheck account, to manage all of your favorite programs in one place.  An account offers you the same email subscriptions you can receive without an account, but in addition to receiving email notifications you will also have your own custom feed.

Your custom feed will contain new episode notification for all of your favorite shows. You can share your custom feed with your friends, put it on your website, add it to FriendFeed or other social networks, or just subscribe to it yourself.  The choice is yours!

Try RerunCheck and let me know what you think. Feel free to send me any suggestions you might have for the service to help me make it better.


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