WordPress Plugins

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Alternate Recent Posts Widget
Out of necessity (because I could not find an alternative), I wrote my first WordPress plugin.  It provides a recent posts widget  that works exactly the same as the built-in Recent Posts widget, except that it does not display posts that are already displayed within the main page content.

I did not like the way the default Recent Posts Widget would duplicate posts, so I hacked it to remove duplicate content. After having hacked it, I decided it would be nice to package it as a plugin since other people may have the same problem with the default Recent Posts widget.

PageRank Widget
My PageRank Widget plugin displays a badge with PageRank info. You can either display the PageRank information for the entire website (http://www.yourdomain.com) or individual pages (http://www.yourdomain.com/example-of-an-individual-page).

Free eBay Store
The Free eBay Store allows you to easily embed eBay products within blog posts, pages, or even display them within a widget. It’s a great free alternative to some of the other products out there that people are charging money for.

Amazon Niche Store
The Amazon Niche Store was inspired by my Free eBay Store, and in fact much of the plugin code was borrowed from it. It works very similar to the Free eBay Store, but rather than display products offered on eBay it displays products offered on Amazon.com.

The Amazon Niche Store has been superseded by:

Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates
The Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates turns your blog into a customizable display of Amazon products. Product pages are automatically generated for you as regular WordPress pages, allowing you to customize the detailed description of the products you wish to feature. It also includes shopping cart functionality, providing a better and more integrated experience for your site visitors.

Google AdSense and Google Analytics Remover WordPress Plugin
If you work on your blog a lot, you’re probably generating unwanted Google AdSense and Google Analytics impressions. This plugin will prevent AdSense and Analytics code from being loaded, so that you do not adversely affect your websites statistics.

Alternate Recent Posts Widget

I’ve been fooling around with WordPress a lot lately, trying to get GeekLad.com configured just how I like it.  Most recently I added a Recent Posts widget.  The default Recent Posts widget displays links to all of your most recent posts.  If you are already displaying your most recent posts on the front page, the default Recent Posts widget can be rather repetitively redundant.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find something out there that could quickly resolve the issue, so I resorted to writing a hack myself.


As the true geek that I am, occasionally I enjoy passing the time with a little coding, a little hacking, and other activities.  I wouldn’t call myself a programmer, as it is not my primary occupation and I’m well aware that most people that program do it much better than I do.  I would consider myself to be more of a programming hobbyist.  Most of the programming I do is with JavaScript, although in my day-job I am quite profficient with VBA.  Recently, I’ve done quite a bit of programming in PHP and MySQL also.

Download Google History
I recently put together a tool that allows you to download your entire Google Web History, using a bookmarklet. It has recently gained a lot of interest in light of Google’s changes to their privacy policy.

RerunCheck is a website I put together that lets you know whether or not your favorite show is airing new episodes.

The Ultimate DoFollow Search Engine
After many failed attempts, I finally managed to put together a decent algorithm for identifying dofollow blogs. The dofollow search engine searches articles posted solely on dofollow blogs.

WordPress Plugins
Shortly after creating GeekLad, I started developing some plugins. I found myself in need of plugins/widgets that didn’t exist, so I developed some of my own.

ForerverSMS is my most recent project (other than GeekLad).  It is a service that allows you to send text messages for free.

iGoogle Gadgets
I’ve developed a number of iGoogle gadgets you might want to check out.

My personal finance blog.

My very first domain.

Two WordPress Plugins That Will Make Your Life Easier

Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress blogger or you’re starting up a new blog from scratch (as I am here), then these plugins will make installing new plugins, themes, and WordPress updates a snap:

Effortless Plugin Installation

Plugin Installation Screenshot

Theme Installation Screenshot

Installing new WordPress plugins and themes can be somewhat of a hassle. You have to download the file, upload it to your web host, and extract the contents. The Single Click Plugin Updater will alleviate much of the pain by allowing you to install plugins and themes all from within WordPress. You just provide the URL of the new plugin or theme, and the single click plugin does the rest.  You don’t even have to download it to your computer first!

WordPress Automatic Upgrade
Much like installing plugins and themes, upgrading to a new version of WordPress can be a tedious and time-consuming process. The WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin makes it much easier, although I would call it more of a semi-automatic upgrade. It’s not a single-click process, as you have to manually click through each step of the process. It does still make it a lot easier to just perform each of the steps at the click of a button rather than performing each one manually.