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Modifying the JavaScript String Prototype

When manipulating strings in JavaScript, it is often necessary to perform certain functions to escape characters, decode them, and perform other string manipulations. JavaScript makes it easy to modify the String prototype, making it possible to create new methods on String types. As of late, I’ve preferred this method (pun intended) over creating custom functions.

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Updated Script to Download Google History

A little over a week ago, I completed the first version of a script (in the form of a JavaScript bookmarklet) that allows you to download your Google Web History. Shortly afterwards, I posted some comments on a few other pages with similar scripts. Someone saw one of my comments and posted a comment on my article (posted as metal123, this person normally goes by the handle “Naka”).

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Copy Lyrics in Pandora to Clipboard

Today I wanted to follow along in the lyrics with a tune I was enjoying on Pandora, so I searched for the last word in the song I heard. The browser scrolled to the section of the song where the word was located, however, the word was not highlighted. I tried to select the lyrics, and was annoyed to find the lyrics were not selectable. It was then time for a little JavaScript magic to make it possible to select, copy, and paste the lyrics.

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Find Free WordPress Themes with Google Image Search

The other day, I helped my friend set up a new recipe blog on WordPress. We were looking for a good cooking or food WordPress theme, but the built-in WordPress theme search wasn’t yielding a whole lot of results. When I searched on Google, I noticed the section for Google Image results had a lot of thumbnails for WordPress themes. I then viewed the Google Image search results, and I was amazed how many of the results were thumbnails of WordPress blog themes.

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Updated CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich for EVO 3D (CM9 ICS)

Android hacker/developer JoelZ9614 has released an updated version of his CyanogenMod 9 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the CDMA EVO 3D! It was released at about 9pm UTC on Saturday, February 11, 2012 (2:19am EST on Sunday, February 12, 2012). I’ve installed the ROM to check it out, and it seems the video glitching has been fixed, which definitely makes it a better build than the last.

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Download Google Web History

Although Google does provide access to easily download some Google Account data, they do not provide direct access to download your entire Google Web History. I did a bit of research, and although you can access it via an RSS feed 1000 records at a time, it can still be difficult and time consuming to obtain in its entirety. I took it upon myself to develop a simple solution that combines all of the RSS feed files into a single, downloadable CSV file.

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