Twitter Search Button for the Google Toolbar

twitter-logo.pngI’ve been finding myself searching Twitter for information as of late. There was not a decent Twitter search button for the Google Toolbar (only a couple that use the Google Custom Search Engine), so I created one. It’s simple and easy to use, just like my Google Reader search button.

  • Click the link below to install it
  • When you want to search Twitter, type a search term into your Google Toolbar
  • Click the Twitter button on the Google Toolbar
  • You are taken to the Twitter search result page for your search term

Install the Twitter Search Button

My Prediction for 2009

crystal-ballHere is my prediction for 2009: In December of 2009, there will be countless blog posts made about predictions for 2010. Technology changes so rapidly that it is very difficult to predict what will happen even within just a year. It may be possible at a very high level, but only those that are actually responsible for its evolution can predict it with any sort of precision.

New and exciting products and services will be introduced, and for me to try to provide any further level of detail would be a futile effort. The companies developing those products and services are capable of predicting the future. However, they will only share their predictions when the future becomes the present and their products come to market.

Nevertheless, it is sometimes fun and interesting to read what others are predicting will take place next year:

Happy new year!