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10 Amusing Tweets about Google Wave Invitations

google-wave-logoThe web is abuzz about the 100,000 Google Wave invitations going out today. Be sure that the social networks are no exception. There are thousands of people on Twitter begging for Google Wave invitations, some of which are quite amusing. I’ve put together a list of my top 10 favorites Tweets.  Some are requests to perform amusing acts to obtain an invite.  Others are just witty commentary.  Enjoy!

Hat_normaltoiletscribble: Someone…anyone…invite me to google wave and I will have your baby

Caffeine_normalpaulgodfrey: I’ve got an extra kidney sitting around and one of you has an extra Google Wave invite, you can see where this is going… DM me.

Point_normaltrickjarrett: Dear Google Wave invite fairy, please come by and drop one off for me. I’ve been a very good boy this year.

Frog_normalSpinchange: I call bullshit on the google wave ‘rollout.’ If I request an invite in the spring and still don’t have one by the fall, that’s a crawl out

Andyhat_normalwawoodworth: If anyone has a Google Wave invite, I will bake you cookies and mail them to you. Wherever you are in the world. =D

Untitled-1_copy_normalNycteris: Now it’s 2009 and I still don’t have a flying car… nor do I have a Google Wave invite!

Paddington_normalDStuart: I already hate Google Wave and I haven’t even got an invite yet

Sp_truth2_copy-1_normalSPoftheFakulty: Really needs a Google Wave invite! Kind people and A**holes alike, please bless me w/ one lol.

Twitterprofilephoto_normalkarlhodge: @danoliver If it helped me get a Google Wave invite, I’d buy @aho a wheelbarrow full of cookies. And when I say “buy” I mean “steal”.

Ram_manohar_tiwari_normalrmtiwari: And just in case, if you got *my* google wave invite in *your* inbox, please re-direct.

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