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AT&T Linking iPhone to U-verse

The Mac News Network is reporting that AT&T is working on linking the iPhone to U-verse.  I think a really cool feature is the ability to use the iPhone as a remote control for the cable box.  Another feature is the ability to control DVR functionality via the phone’s Internet connection, which can be really useful if you forget to set a program to record while you’re at home.

Although U-verse is available in Jacksonville, I don’t expect it will be available in my area for some time.  I live way out in the boondocks, and I suspect the majority of availability is much closer to the center of town.  I would switch all of my telecommunication services to AT&T (home phone, television, mobile phone, internet) if it wasn’t for all of my wife’s friends being on Sprint.  Although the lure of the iPhone is omnipresent, if we were to leave Sprint our bill would skyrocket with out-of-network calls.  I’m still considering giving Comcast the finger and switching my home phone, Internet, and television (via their deal with Dish, unfortunately not U-verse) over to AT&T if it will save me some dough.

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  1. Uverse’s iphone app turned out to be decent, you can control your DVR, and u can even stream shows to your Iphone, selected programming chosen by Uverse. Working for DISH I have watch the entire pay TV industry swing towards these great mobile devices we have now. Which is great to give those subscribers as many choices as possible to watch their favorite shows whenver they want. I have been a loyal sling owner for a while now, my sling adapter allows me to stream all my live subscribed channels, recorded shows, as well as control and manage my DVR from the DRA app.

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