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Display Your iGoogle Gadget User Count

Most of you probably won’t use this ever, but if you are an iGoogle gadget developer then this is definitely for you! I put together a simple little tool that will display how many users my gadgets currently have, and I’ve set it up so that anyone can use it. If you’d like to display the number of users your iGoogle gadget has, simply add this HTML code snippet to any webpage or even within your gadget:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/tools/gadgetusers.js?"></script>

Just be sure to replace the and /somepath/yourgadgetfile.xml accordingly. My gadget user counter works by performing a document.write to output the number of users that are currently using your gadget, according to the iGoogle gadget directory. I have a feeling that these figures are understated or not updated very often, because according to Google Analytics I have many more users than the iGoogle gadget directory states. At least the directory figures are conservative and they do get updated with some frequency. Now you can easily inform people as to how many users are using your gadgets too! Check out my web definitions gadget page to see it in action.

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