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Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates

Some time ago, my web host disabled the server-side script for my Amazon Niche Store due to the large load it was causing on the web server. Unfortunately, this rendered the plugin useless and many Amazon Niche Stores died along with it. I’ve essentially rewritten the entire plugin, making it easier to use and improved its interaction with my server to prevent future issues. I’m proud to announce the Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates.

Plugin Overview

The plugin is quite easy to use and can be set up in three simple steps:

  1. Set up the overall configuration for your store pages
  2. Create new store pages
  3. Select which products you want displayed

Store pages and product detail pages are all automatically generated for you, and are set up as regular WordPress pages. The Product Management screens allow you to quickly and easily place the product detail pages into published, draft, or trash status, rather than having to manually do this via the WordPress interface (although you can do that if you wish). You can also easily modify the detailed product descriptions by simply modifying the content of the detail product pages.

Plugin Features

  • Support for international locales, including: USA, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany and Japan.
  • Easy creation of store pages and product detail pages at the click of a button
  • Easy management of product selection
  • Product detail pages are regular WordPress pages, making it easy to update descriptions
  • Automatic pagination of store pages
  • Ajax loading of paginated store pages, for quick loading and pleasant visitor experience
  • Ajax submission and loading of items to the shopping cart

Change Log

  • 1.0.0: Initial Release.
  • 1.0.1: Fixed a cosmetic bug with store/cart displaying -1 when refreshed by Ajax.
  • 1.0.2: Fixed a critical bug with cart submissions in Firefox and potentially other browsers.
  • 1.0.3: Fixed a cosmetic bug with the bottom of the product display boxes being cut off on the store pages.
  • 1.1.0: Updated code to add hosted updates.

Download Version 1.1.0 of the Plugin

For more details on using the plugin, be sure to check out the readme.txt included with the plugin.

Special Notice

Similar to the Amazon Niche Store plugin, there is one condition of which you need to be aware. 10% of the time, when your site visitors check their cart, I will replace your Amazon Associates tracking ID with my own. The other 90% of the time your Amazon Associates tracking ID will be used for the cart checkout.

If you do not agree to this condition, then do not download and use the plugin.


Live Demo

If you’d like to see it in action, check out the live demo of the Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates.

Suggestions and Bugs

If you encounter any bugs with the plugin, or have any suggestions as to how I can improve it, please feel free to post comments here. Before submitting a bug, be sure you have the latest version of the plugin.

45 thoughts on “Free WordPress Store for Amazon Associates”

  1. Really good plug in you’ve come up with here, I would like to use it, more than happy giving the 10% for your time.

    I am having some trouble installing it though, not sure whether it’s just me? Maybe you could give some guidance.

    This is my “Test Domain”:

    I want to install it here, I really would rather use this as it creates the unique pages which are great.

    I’ve just un installed it as it messed things up a bit.

    Nothing was coming up on the pages, it made “Store” In to a Drop Down – Can I avoid this? Not sure if I was doing something wrong, I can re install to show you if you like.

    I’d really like to get this set up asap, if you could help it would be much appreciated, Thanks, Chris

    1. In order for the plugin to work properly, you will need to keep it
      activated. In addition to displaying the store pages w/ the boxes of
      products and links to the detail pages, it also performs the magic of
      removing the detail pages from menus that many WordPress templates have.
      That’s why you’re seeing your Store link turned into a drop-down with all
      of the products under it. Unfortunately, with the plugin disabled, the
      magic that prevents this from happening is lost.

    2. That’s why you’re seeing your Store link turned into a drop-down with all

      of the products under it. Unfortunately, with the plugin disabled, the

      magic that prevents this from happening is lost.

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  3. Hi GeekLad,

    I went through the steps outlined in the installation section of the read me .doc and it installs fine but no products are showing in the manage products section. My niche is pretty generic so it should show some results.

    1. Do you receive any kind of errors when you try to load in products? It
      could be your host isn’t configured to allow communication to remote web

      1.  Hi Geeklad,

        Firstly, thanks for a great plugin. 10% is very fair to pay for all the work you do.

        It is working fine now…..thank you for your quick reply.

        I have a quick question regarding the stylesheet. I found css.php and have been trying to edit list div box height but it doesn’t seem to be taking effect on my pages. I checked the file name with firebug and edited the css.php in notepad++ but it won’t work. I see that the item title colors are being inherited from wordpress pages but trying to override the font color in css.php isn’t working for me.

        Any tips?  The site is :

        I will try to get it working for now.

        1. I did my best to contain all of the CSS necessary to build the store so that
          it looks right, but there are no doubt holes in what I did. All I can say
          is that CSS conflicts can be VERY tricky to debug. I would recommend
          relying heavily on inspecting all of the HTML elements with the Google
          Chrome JavaScript debugger or Firebug in Firefox. When you inspect in
          Google Chrome, if there are CSS rules overriding others, it will tell you
          the lines in which CSS files that are overriding the style you want. Then
          you have to get to the specific elements you want to change by traversing
          the HTML tree with the parent selector “>”. There’s a nice CSS cheat cheat
          here that might help some too:

          I hope that’s of some help to you, good luck!

  4. Hi there-

    Great plugin. 🙂

    Are we able to add individual products? I have a specialty store, and some of the products are offered on Amazon that I want to add (and can as an individual associate) are not showing up, even when I search for the DVD title. I’ve noticed these are ones that are sold by a store but fulfilled by Amazon.

    Also, I believe you could pay for your old plugin and not have the commission split. Is this something that will be/is available with this new version?

    Thanks and best wishes,

    1. The plugin only includes products sold by Amazon, and excludes those from individual sellers. I attempted to add in functionality that would allow individual sellers to set up their own stores, but due to shortcomings in the API, I was unable to implement that. Sorry, there is no feature to pay for the plugin to have the commission split removed.

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  6. I haven’t been able to figure out what is causing that problem, but others have been experiencing it as well. I think it may be a problem with the connection to the Amazon API. It’s very difficult to debug, because it is so intermittent.

  7. Hi, GeekLad!  Love the plugin, but I’m having a problem:   After an initial search of products for my website, the plugin won’t allow me to add additional products.  How can I add products onto a page that already has products?  Thanks!

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  12. I believe I’ve resolved the issues with the order submission errors.  I also modified the order submission page to retry submitting after 3 seconds, if and when an error does occur.

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  14. what is the best theme to use with this plugin? I have tried some woo themes etc. I really want to know the BEST way to make an Amazon site that has a higher conversion rate

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  16. I’m just starting to look for something like this and your’s seems to have a nice feature set, but I just hit your demo and clicked on the add to cart button and nothing was added to my Amazon shopping cart. Is this still functional?

  17. Hello, I’m using version 1.1.1 of the plugin under WP 3.4.2. I have JetPack installed. The latest JetPack update, version 2.0 is wreaking havoc on your plugin’s layout and functionality. Books are displayed as an unordered list, and the cart displays as an spinning animated .gif that says “loading.” 🙁

  18. Hi , Can you please include India into your supporting international locations. Now is fully operational exclusively for India.


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