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Gmail Themes Go Live

The Official Gmail Blog announced the release of themes for Gmail yesterday. It seemed they were not immediately available after they made the announcement, as it took several hours before I saw it appear in my settings. Perhaps because they did not want other blogs to steal their thunder.

I found it a little odd when the theme settings did not appear on my laptop computer after using Gmail from Chrome on my desktop PC where they did appear. However, this morning when I used Gmail on my laptop, the themes settings did appear. Google has been known to roll out new features with a phased approach in the past. It would seem that they do it at a browser level, rather than a user level, since I was able to see the changes on one computer but not on another.


6 thoughts on “Gmail Themes Go Live”

  1. I am a little confused….. I thought the letter i before a brand was usually related to the Apple brand. Doesn't iGoogle seem like google is trying to ride apple's wave of popularity instead of being original and standing on it's on own feet.

    1. Yeah, I'm not real big on the name either. It also drives me nuts that
      Apple has to put an i on everything. I'm surprised they haven't made a
      webcam and called it the iEye.

  2. Google will catch up shortly, there is no doubt. Google has introduced a lot of new successful products lately, winning quite a lot of customers.

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