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Google Reader for Dummies

google-reader-iconOk, so the title is actually Google Reader for Beginners. I’m constantly telling my friends how great Google Reader is, but I have a hard time convincing them they need to use it. From now on, I’ll just show them the video the Google Reader Team put together.

7 thoughts on “Google Reader for Dummies”

  1. Although I do wholeheartedly agree with all the great things that have been posted about Google Reader, I do have a complaint. Have had this complaint since late last August and as yet, thanks to the not very helpful forums, have not been able to resolve it either.
    My reader stopped working back in the latter part of July. It took me over a week to get it to begin to update my blog again -or so I thought -but learned later from many of my regular readers that my blog still was not updating on their respective readers. Part of this problem began apparently with a problem with Google -blogger and reader. Part of it was probably exacerbated by my trying to sign up with Feedburner too. Now, I have no idea where to go, what to do, to get this corrected completely. My blog does update now on my Reader, under my subscriptions but doesn't update my blog under “Blogs I am Following.' On that part of my reader, my blog remains locked in -apparently forever -with a date of August 11, 2008 as my last update! This is all very frustrating for me, made even more so by the few help notes I have received that are written using too much language on the technical side, which I don't understand.

    I would really appreciate a better “help” system -one that explains how-to information in a timely fashion and also, using very, very simple English too!

    And if anyone would like to try to help me resolve my dilemma, please feel free to contact me!

    1. I went from Blogger to WordPress about a year ago and I haven't looked back. I'm not surprised to hear they are having integration issues with Reader. Blogger is a bit odd and does not offer the kind of flexibility that WordPress offers with plugins. I haven't had any issues with my feeds coming from WordPress.

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