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Greasemonkey Script for Submitting Pages to

ping-fm Today I put together yet another Greasemonkey script.  This script will allow you to quickly submit URLs to  You’ll first need to supply your application key to the script.  Just right click on the little monkey little-greasemonkey and go to User Script Commands, and select Set App Key.  When prompted, provide your key.  Please note that the app key is stored in your Firefox browser settings.  Do not use this on a public computer, because it would be easy for someone to obtain your app key from the browser.

Each time you want to submit the current web page to your default services on, go to the User Script Command menu again and select Submit current page to  You’ll then be prompted to edit/enter a description for the page.  It will automatically load in the page title.  If you are fine with it, click OK.  Otherwise, edit the description and then click OK.  Once the URL is submitted, you’ll get a dialog stating whether it was successfully submitted or if an error was encountered.

I’ll be submitting the app to for approval so that anyone can use it.  Hopefully it won’t take long for them to approve.  If you get an error that says Your API key is limited to your own application key while your application is in development or awaiting approval, that means my script hasn’t yet been approved.  If you’re feeling anxious and you really want to try it, visit the developers page and submit a bogus app so that you can get your own API key.  Then just edit my script and replace my API key (ac40b3a1d64c826f496346c03ac8af18) with your own.

If developing Firefox add-ons wasn’t such a pain (for me), I’d write it as an add-on.  I find it much quicker and easier to just whip up tools like this with Greasemonkey.  If you’re a Firefox add-on developer and you’d like to convert my script into an add-on, please contact me.  I’d be glad to promote the add-on for you here.

Install the Script

Update: The good folks at have approved my API key for public use, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it.  They also informed me of the Ping This! bookmarklet/hyperlink for posting pages to  It does almost the same thing as my script.  However, my script does not require a confirmation and will submit the page in a single step.

7 thoughts on “Greasemonkey Script for Submitting Pages to”

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  2. Hi there,

    How do we use the adjust grammar feature so that in facebook it doesn't go
    Username said: URL

    also, I thought Ping was supposed to convert long URLs into tinyURLs, but this didn't happen when i tested it. Is that something to ask ping or you?

    1. I haven't looked at the script in a long time. I don't have anything in the script in regards to adjust grammar, so it may be a question for if it's something they do when they've received messages from third-party apps. I'm not sure about URL shortening either.

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