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iGoogle Canvas View Goes Live

Google has is officially rolling out the canvas view to all iGoogle users. I’ve been anticipating the official release, as I’ve already updated a few of my iGoogle gadgets to implement the new view. The new view allows a single gadget to take up the majority of the space on the iGoogle page.

The canvas view is a welcome new feature for gadget developers such as myself, as it finally presents us with an opportunity to monetize our gadgets. I’m hoping to at least make a few extra bucks with my popular gadgets, as they have over 100k views a day. I probably need to start looking for a good method for displaying ads on the canvas view. I’ve been considering using OpenX, but I haven’t set anything up yet. The biggest for me is finding a way to display contextual ads. I would somehow need to display ads that are relevant to the queries users make when looking up terms in my Web Definitions and Thesaurus gadgets. If I come up with a solution, I will be sure to share it.

3 thoughts on “iGoogle Canvas View Goes Live”

  1. I read about a site today called – its like iGoogle but better cuz you can add you own bookmarks and the bookmarks can be websites not just gadgets and RSS feeds although you can upload your favorite RSS feeds too. Its free and totally customizable. Plus you don’t have to login to see your bookmarks and RSS feeds cuz they give you a unique URL

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