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Make Money Online: Quality of Service


In addition to the size of your market and existing competition, the quality of service you provide is a very important factor in making money online.  High quality will provide credibility for your content or service, and result in repeat visits and referrals. If your site is low quality, you may have a difficult time in earning the trust of those that visit your site.

My Failure in Quality of Service

I think another reason why ForeverSMS never took off is because of the design of the website. I designed the website myself, however, I should have relied on a professional to do the design for me.  I think I could have done more in terms of doing more search engine optimization, but the reality is that if the site had been higher quality and in a less competitive space, I would have seen greater success.

Improving My Quality of Service

I’ve hired someone to do the web design on my latest venture. I think it will help me to achieve greater success than I saw with ForeverSMS.  It is important to realize what you are good at, but probably more important to understand what you are not good at.  When you identify such areas, find others to do the work for you.

My Success in Quality of Service

The jury is still out. We shall see how my new venture does, which I will announce shortly.

Ensuring Quality of Service on Your Websites

If you have decided to make money online by blogging, a good blogging platform (WordPress, Drupal, TypePad, Blogger, etc.) with a nice selection of themes is a first good step towards developing a quality blog. The second most important factor in developing a quality of blog is of course developing quality content. Write about a topic you are passionate about. When you start thinking of topics for articles all the time, you know you’ve selected the right topic for your blog.

If you want to make money by developing a service, be sure to ask for help in areas in which you are lacking expertise. I’m pretty good at developing with PHP and MySQL, but I really suck at web design. Be honest with yourself and realize that you may not be able to do everything yourself.

You also need to ensure your site is fast and convenient to use. You may have the most gorgeous web design, but if the site is slow and complicated you may not achieve success. Try to keep it simple, yet appealing. This will help to maintain speed and convenience for your visitors.

Applying All Three Factors

It is important that you consider all three factors together: the size of your market, existing competition, and quality of service.  You need to understand how they relate to each other. You may have a very large market, but if there are many competitors it will be more difficult to make money. However, developing a high quality website can help to overtake the competition and achieve success.

On the other hand, you may develop a very high quality site in a market with very little competition. However if there is no one interested in the service you provide, you will be doomed to failure.  It is sometimes difficult to judge what sort of market there may be for services that do not yet exist.

You could try performing surveys to determine whether or not a particular type of service may appeal to a wide audience. You could also take a gamble and go ahead and develop the website, and see if it is well-received.  As long as you do not spend a lot of time and money in developing the service, there is little risk in just developing the site and see what happens.

It is important to be brutally honest with yourself and learn from your failures. There is no better way to achieve success than to fail and learn from your mistakes. If you do not initially attain the desired results, take a step back and try to understand why you failed.  You will be better prepared when you try again.

What’s Next

Once you’ve decided whether to provide content or service and you’ve taken into account size of market, existing competition, and quality of service, it is time to select a monetization method. In the next post in this series, I’ll discuss ways you can directly and indirectly monetize your website.


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