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New Theme Marketplace

This morning I read about a new theme marketplace that Envato has launched.  The marketplace is called ThemeForest and it features themes for WordPress, DrupalTypepad, Movable Type, BloggerJoomla, and more.  The prices for themes range from $10 to $50.  It seems like the Our Community theme has made the most money so far, with 53 sales @ $30 each for a gross total of $1,590 (the author’s cut is probably 25% – 35% of that).

It seems like the gross sales figures for a popular themes may be quite good considering they just launched, although it seems to me that the authors are getting a smaller cut than they deserve.  If similar marketplaces open up to compete against them, we may see those commission rates increase.  I wish my web design skills were up to the same level as my programming, because it might be a good way to bring in a little extra income.

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