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Open Invitation for Guest Posts

Today, Ann Smarty posted the first guest post on my blog. She wrote up a great article on how to find people that share your interests. I solicited her and other authors to guest post for me on my blog. I’d like to open the invitation to anyone else who is interested in making a guest post.

Chris Brogan says it is important to promote others, and I could not agree more. This is something I would like to often on GeekLad. I’m fortunate in that I have the opportunity to do it early too, as this blog will be a mere three months old tomorrow.

I would also be more than glad to guest post for you as well, if you’d like to have me do so. Exchanging guest posts is a great way for bloggers to promote each other, and it is fundamentally the same as posting trackbacks. Trackbacks are essentially guest posts on a micro level. Exchanging entire articles across blogs takes place at a macro level.

If you’re a blogger, please do feel free to offer up posts to me on anything related to technology. The sky is the limit! I don’t even mind if you use affiliate links in your articles, but I do ask that you disclose them.  Although there is no obligation for reciprocity, I would certainly appreciate it if you linked to your guest post (or any GeekLad posts you find interesting) from your own blog(s).


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