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Portable Google Chrome

It didn’t take long for someone to come out with a portable version of Google Chrome.  A German guy named Carsten Knobloch (please forgive me if I get the name wrong) managed to hack and compile a portable version of Chrome that works pretty well.  Hopefully an “official portable version” will eventually make it into the Portable Apps suite.

Like any other portable app, just simply download it and extract the contents to your program folder on your USB drive.  I installed on my USB drive and I’m very impressed with the performance.  It appears to be running much faster than Firefox Portable and it very rarely freezes or runs slow.  Even if you take steps to improve the performance of Firefox Portable, it can still be atrociously slow and it often locks up the system while downloading web pages.  In my experience, Carsten’s portable version of Chrome runs much faster on portable USB drives than Firefox Portable.

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