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4 Simple Ways to Make Friends Online

In creating a new blog, I’ve found myself in need of new friends.  No there’s nothing wrong with my old friends, but most of them aren’t geeks like me.  I’m not talking about getting as many people on Twitter following me as possible, just for the sake of doing so.  I want to befriend the folks that write the stuff I’m interested in reading and learning about.  So how does one go about making new friends, when they have few or none to begin with?
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Chris Brogan’s Advice to Me

As far as all of my blogs have gone, GeekLad really has started with a bang. I never really had this kind of blogular momentum (I think I just made that up).  My other two blogs ( and WealthBoy) have been plagued with inactivity.  Although in WealthBoy’s defense, it has fallen back mostly due to my efforts on GeekLad.  I really have no excuse for having neglected other than my own laziness and lack of direction with that blog.
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A Perspective on Micro-blogging from a Microblogging N00b

In 2007, a micro-blogging service called Twitter took the ‘Net by storm.  I will often jump onto public (and sometimes private) betas to check out new products, but for some reason Twitter never grabbed me.  In real life I am somewhat social, but online I never really developed the kind of presence I would have liked.  On the other hand, my college buddy Bwana did a much better job of developing an online presence over the course of many years.
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