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Update to Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script

I recently made a minor update to my Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey script for displaying nofollow information.  The script allows you to learn which incoming links to your website are nofollow links when viewing the detail for a site within Google Webmaster Tools.  I have added functionality that will also display the PageRank for the incoming links.

Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script Update

I finally had a chance to take a look at the JavaScript code for the SEO Link Analysis Firefox addon, and I borrowed the PageRank code and incorporated it into my script.  I left PageRank code untouched, with the exception of the output for the display of the information.  If you are ever working on your own Greasemonkey script and you need to obtain PageRank information, feel free to use the code.  Just load in all of the necessary support functions (GooglePR, googleCH,  googleNewCh, myfmod, c32to8bit, exclude, strord, mix, zeroFill, and hexdec) and make your changes in the GooglePR function to output or manipulate the results in any way you wish.

Install the Script

11 thoughts on “Update to Google Webmaster Tools Greasemonkey Script”

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  3. Hmm I installed your script but when I visit my webmaster page I don't get the results you get. Do I need to do something extra? I think it is a really cool idea. I have a nofollow/follow highlighter on my toolbar so can visit each page and determine the same information but that is a PAIN!! Your way looks much cooler. Is that data available for download too?

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