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Where Did Google Maps Saved Locations Link Go?

Google Maps LogoI had a very frustrating experience recently. I could not for the life of me find My Saved Locations on Google Maps. I knew they were still there, because when I started typing in the search box, Google started suggesting them. But I couldn’t find the link to edit/view all of them.

Although there were people that actually lost their saved locations, this was not the problem I was experiencing. I just couldn’t find the freakin’ link! As an experienced computer geek, this was especially frustrating. After much searching, I finally found a blog post that informed me that the Google Maps saved locations feature had moved.



I was disappointed I had to resort to searching for the solution, rather than figuring out the link was in a little upsidedown triangle next to the search bar. In my defense, the Google Maps help was no help (it still mentioned the old location of the feature) and I had to resort to searching the web. Finally when I searched for something along the lines of “google maps saved locations link move“, I found the post on Search Engine Roundtable.

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