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How to Tether Android for Free

Free Wired Tether on AndroidMost information you’ll find about tethering with Android, shows you how to tether Android using an application called PdaNet. The problem with PdaNet is that the free version restricts you to http sites only, and you have to get the paid version for https connections. If you’re prepared to put a little elbow grease into it and you have a USB cable to connect the phone, you can learn how to tether Android without root for free for http and https sites as well.

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Get the Best Price per Gigabyte with gb4less

gb4less-logoSome time ago, I was looking for some new storage on I became a bit frustrated looking for the best deal. Although Newegg allows you to sort by rating, you cannot filter on rating data (rating and # of reviews). If you sort by price, you have to try to read through everything to figure out which products have the best ratings and have been rated a fair number of times.

Being the analytical person I am, I just simply wanted the most bang for my buck, but I wanted to make sure the product I bought was tried and true. Eventually, I built gb4less to help others seeking to do the same (and of course, make a few bucks in the process). With gb4less, you can sort by price and filter on rating info at the same time and do much more!

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